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Are you eager to diversify your circle of friends? Well, the surest method to achieve this is creating a top-notch online dating profile. This will offer you the opportunity to meet people far away from your city of residence. You’ll easily become friends to people of different cultures and beliefs which will widen your view of life. Let’s have a look at some easy profile tips.

But how simple is it to set an online dating profile?

Well, you’ll opine that displaying your data online is a sensitive matter especially with the rise in cybercrime activities. To ensure safety, you need to evaluate the online dating sites before you disclose any information. Only feed your data to the systems when you can fathom the privacy terms, compliance with data protection standards, and a convincing disclosure of data use.

Once you’re sure of your safety, you should proceed with the profile creation process. Always remember that you don’t need to have the most sophisticated profile to attract the attention of the viewers. In fact, you’ll be surprised to realize that the profiles that stir the most interest among the potential suitors are often the simplest.

I’ve seen numerous profiles throughout my five-year working period with dating sites. My experiences have taught me the golden rules that you should apply if you really want your profile to attract immense attention of the site’s users. I’ll share 10 of the most applicable tips that will revolutionize your online dating experience!

1, Fill in all the required spaces

Leaving blank spaces during the application process is a costly mistake that you should avoid by all means. Ensure that you procedurally fill in all the spaces since a complete profile improves visibility. Also, such a profile denotes the seriousness and authenticity of your profile. Like we’ve already indicated, everyone is highly cautious due to increased cases of cybercrime activities. As such, anything in your profile that raises a red flag will be the greatest undoing in your effort to succeed with online dating.

Some websites and apps require that you verify your profile using various social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Even when the verification involves the use of your local phone number, you should never hesitate to do so. It’ll boost the confidence of your suitors and develop unshaken trust on your profile. This way, you’ll get numerous connection requests which will eventually translate to your dream date!

2, Always be honest, never lie!

Honesty is golden when it comes to success in online dating sites. It’s the nature of human beings to only trust people who can tell the truth. If people discover that you’re giving incorrect information about yourself, you’ll get insignificant messages from your potential suitors.

A research conducted to establish what the users of Zoosk (an online dating site) were looking for in a profile showed that the majority of people value honesty as their topmost yardstick.

We understand that there is always a temptation to overstretch the truth with the hope of creating an appealing self-image. However, you should strongly suppress that urge since it could cost you your dream date!

3, Always show your actual photo, do not hide the face!

You should always ensure that you use your real photo. While using fake images as your profile may win you the favor to get messages, the relationship will be short-lived. In fact, the majority of the users will block you immediately they notice that you used a fake profile photo. Before uploading your photo, always ask yourself this question:

4, What do I want to achieve?

If you need a relationship that may lead to marriage, then it’s factual that you’ll physically meet at some point. As such, there is absolutely no need to lie! If you do, it’ll backfire on you and it’ll be too late to rectify the situation.

Also, you should never hide your face, wear sunglasses, or use a group photo since it’ll show dishonesty. Approximately 46% of women say that they are attracted to men who smile. As such, you may need to wear a smile. It could make all the difference in your profile!

5, Simplify the process of chatting

The primary role of an online dating website is to initiate a conversation between two individuals who are interested in each other. You should make it easy for someone to initiate a chat with you. If your profile is shallow, the person will lack the necessary information to compose a message that you can relate to.

To have an inviting profile, you can always trick your suitors into a conversation by including a question. For example, do you enjoy mountain climbing? Ask me about my next hiking plan. This will trigger people with similar interests as you to send a connection request. It will give them the words to compose a message that you’ll resonate with absolutely.

6, Have many and varied photos on your profile

Always ensure that you have different varieties of your pictures on your profile. We understand that it’s tempting to only include your favorite photos, and there is nothing wrong with that. The tragedy is when all the photos are similar!

Make sure that you bring out your true self using the photos. If you love mountain climbing, it would be brilliant to include a few pictures taken during your favorite trips. Also, ensure that the photos highlight your personality. The diversity of the photos increases the reality of your profile and raises the chances of getting a date.

Interesting Statistics

People with:

  • Full-body pictures are likely to get 203% more messages
  • Sports outfit get 32% more messages
  • Outdoor photos attract 19% more messages than the indoors photos
  • Travel photos attract 6% more messages
  • Don’t Be Overly Detailed

When you’re given an opportunity to write about yourself, you should not write an entire novel! People hate too many details and they are likely to get bored and rule you out as “too serious”.

Instead, ensure that you’re brief yet interesting. You’d rather have a short paragraph that’s creatively crafted to capture the most crucial details that have a long story with scattered facts.

7, Add details generously

You should always arrange your words to achieve a lively write-up that will be eye-catching and engaging. For example, instead of using a plain phrase “I love mountain climbing”, you should describe your best experience in that very exercise.

This way, you stand a better chance to connect with your potential suitors. They will literally form images of these activities in their brains and desire to meet you for a similar adventure/activity.

8, Avoid writing about dating

Some statements on your profile may work against you! One of the most common mistakes that people do is to describe their past dating experiences or their undesirable moments. For example, an individual may write about how they hope to get the best from that particular app after being disappointed by other similar sites.

Although this may appear normal during chats, it brings out a negative self-image when written in your profile. Some of the users of the app may mistake you for a chronic complainer or someone with undefined needs.

Instead of writing about dating, it’s advisable that you restrict yourself to creative write-ups about the person you’d like to meet. For example “I would like to meet someone who can accompany me to an adventure walk over the weekend.” This statement is friendlier and more inviting than describing your frustrations with your past dates!

9, Add a little romance to it

Don’t make the mistake of making your profile look excessively formal. You should feel free to add a few romantic lines! You’ll be surprised at how people will be positive about it!

After going through numerous profiles, here are some words that seem to attract the attention of most online dating apps’ users:

  • Romance. This word draws up to 41% more messages
  • Hopeless romantic. The phrase attracts 38% more messages
  • When you say that you’re old fashioned, you’re likely to attract 16% more incoming messages

As you can see, these words are not formal yet they significantly boost your chances of getting a date from the online apps. Make use of them and wait for positive change on your profile.

10, Be yourself

Never try to suppress your original self! If you’re weird, funny, and a joker, you should let that personality stand out in your profile. When you try to hide it, your profile will appear too generic and most people will not be interested in you.

Majority of people are looking for something different. Somebody who will bring a different dimension into their lives. If you’ll successfully be that person, then you’ll have no option but to maintain your originality.

You never know what will spark the interest of your potential suitors! As such, you should try as much as you can to avoid faking your profile. If you do, you’ll try too hard to succeed with the online dating apps to no avail. The more original you are, the better it’ll be for you. Have a read of our online flirting guide too.

Profile tips for online dating
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