Easy guide to, choosing the perfect profile photo.

Did you know that having the right profile picture increases your chances of attracting serious individuals to your online dating profile? Research shows that there exists an inexplicably high human attachment to high-quality photos. Choosing the perfect profile photo is essential!

You’re probably guilty of scrolling back to check a profile of someone with an interesting photo, right? Well, that’s the power of using the right photo on your profile. It’s not only eye-catching but also offers an irresistible appeal that guarantees a significant rise in the number of messages you get in your inbox.

Still confused?

Well, we understand that setting a perfect profile can present incredible challenges. As such, we’ve crafted a comprehensive guide that will enable you to choose the perfect photo for your profile. Implement the well-researched tips and watch as your account grows within a relatively short time.

Why is your profile picture so important?

Human beings are naturally judgmental. You’ll opine that whenever you meet a new person, you’ll make a quick assessment of their grooming to decide their personality.

That’s not any different with online encounters!

The first impression is crucial when you’re meeting a stranger. Always ensure that you portray an excellent image since that will determine whether a person develops an interest in you or not.

One of the surest methods to achieve an irresistible impression is ensuring that your profile picture is highly attractive. Your photo should always depict a kind, honest, and genuine person. These unique qualities will attract people with unyielding desires to know more about you. As such, you should never compromise on the quality of your photo. It’s all you need to double the traffic to your online dating account!

Qualities of an unattractive profile photo

Now that you appreciate the crucial role that a high-quality profile picture plays in attracting people to your profile, we’ll look at what you should entirely avoid when selecting the ideal picture:

1, Selfies

If you use a selfie as your profile picture, it’ll show high-degree of unprofessionalism. Unlike your Facebook account, the dating profile requires a little touch of maturity. The majority of people who visit your profile expects nothing less than a well-thought-out strategy to portray you as their best fit for a possible relationship.

Plainly put, online dating profiles are marketing platforms where you’re supposed to convince a stranger that you possess all the qualities they are looking for.

When you are selling a phone online, you always struggle to get the best photos that will capture all the details of the specific phone, right? Well, it shouldn’t be different when getting photos for your online dating platform.

To ensure that you get the best photos for your profile, you should invest in a top-notch camera and avoid pictures taken in your bathroom mirror! Always make sure that the photo communicates your interests.

2, Poor quality photos

If your target audience is struggling to make out your face, then you should change your profile photo immediately. The quality is poor and you’ll end up losing possible suitors since they cannot get the fine details of your photo. Always ensure that the resolution is optimum and the photo is expertly focused to bring out the real you!

2, Avoid nudes!

Showing off too much of your body is not always a good idea. You should be moderately dressed to attract serious people who are interested in a decent relationship.

If you decide to have nudes on your profile, you’re likely to stir lust. You’ll definitely get some advances but the seriousness of such individuals is always in doubt.

3, Avoid group photos

Your primary profile photo should only include you. If you have a group profile photo, people are likely to interpret it as a strategy to hide something from them.

As you may be aware, online encounters are significantly risky. As such, people will not engage anyone as long as they doubt their profile information. If you want to erase any doubts in the minds of your potential suitors, then ensure that you put your own photo.

4, Avoid a long face

Your photo highlights your character to the visitors of your dating profile. If you wear a long face, it’ll only depict an unhappy and gloomy individual. You wouldn’t want such a first impression, right?

Well, you should use a photo that depicts an outgoing individual who’s jovial and ready to mingle. If you’re uncertain about your choice of photo, you can always ask a friend to offer an objective opinion before you upload it on your profile.

Qualities of a good profile picture

1, A smiley face

Never be ashamed to show your pearly whites. People are more likely to be drawn to happy individuals and smiling is always the perfect sign of happiness. However, you should ensure that it’s genuine! It’s rather easy to notice a fake smile and that would be detrimental to your profile success.

2, Ensure that the photo depicts approach-ability 

You should always present a friendly demeanor that will attract people to engage you. If you look open and willing to converse, you’ll get more connection requests.

2, Be natural

Make sure that your profile photo shows your true self. Avoid exaggeration that comes with heavy makeups and camera filters.

3, Good lighting

It’s an excellent idea to keep your photo well-lit. To achieve this, you can either choose natural outdoor lighting or a superbly lit room as the source of your lighting.

4, Be keen with your background

Ensure that you capture a background that reflects your interests. For example, football lovers may have a background of their favorite teams.

5, Avoid too many details in the photo

Simple is golden. Too many details make the photo appear congested which may put off your potential suitors.

Tips for taking your ideal profile photo

Implement the following to ensure that you take the best picture for your profile:

  • Let a friend take your photo
  • Do not pose. Instead, try to be natural
  • Know your right photo angle. You can seek help from a professional photographer on the matter
  • Make it accurate. Ensure that it reflects your current height, weight, complexion, and any other feature
  • Choose a variety of photos. Add many photos to bring out your character and interests in life more comprehensively

Choosing the right photo for your profile is undoubtedly beneficial. Ensure that you follow the tips herein to the letter to get the right picture for your profile! Have a read of our dating profile tips article to be the best.

The perfect profile photo
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