Easy guide to, the top 8 revolutionary dating rules.

Dating is one of the most complex stages of your life. You’re always not sure of what your partner is looking for and you try your best to impress them. Sometimes, what you think is the best just turns out to be the worst for your potential suitor leading to heartbreaks! Let’s have a look at what the dating rules are…

But are there universal rules that can reduce the disappointments?

Well, it’s unfortunate that there are no universal dating rules. People are highly diverse and what may work for someone else may backfire in its entirety when you try it out on your date.

However, there are proven rules that have successfully reduced disappointments among the majority of daters. Some of the old yet relevant rules include:

  • Avoid talking about past relationships during your engagement
  • Wait for a minimum of 2 days before calling back
  • Always pay for your first date

However, dating is quite dynamic and some of these rules may not work with the current generation of daters. This article compiles 8 of the modern online dating rules that may just save you from an imminent dating embarrassment.

1, Always talk your mind out

If you’re interested in an individual, do not hesitate to let them know about your feelings. If you play hard to get, you’ll be surprised to find your target person already engaged to another suitor. To avoid such a disappointment, you should disregard the traditional “hard to get” rule and express your feelings.

Unlike ancient times, people are now busier and they may have no time to chase after a person who does not reciprocate. If you try the hard to get trick, the person is likely to withdraw and find another person to date. Do not let it get there!

2, Honesty is king

It doesn’t matter the situation you’re in, you should never hide your inner self. Presenting yourself in a package that’s directly opposite of your real life will backfire at some point.

Some people make the mistake of trapping their target dates using fake profiles. While you may succeed at first, you can be sure that the relationship will be short-lived. If a person cannot love your true self, then you have no business being with them. Do not live a fake life to impress anybody.

You should always remember that dating is a process rather than an event. If dishonesty does not hurt you now, don’t be too certain that it’ll not hurt you in the future. In fact, the frustrations in the future might be worse!

3, Only have sex when you’re comfortable with It

This rule is golden! Majority of people who have ignored it ends up with unpleasant experiences that would easily move the most hard-hearted individual to tears. Always ensure that you independently think before engaging in any sexual act. Coercion and arbitrary decisions will only leave you with regrets.

If somebody really loves you, they should respect your decisions on such a weighty matter. Anybody who seems hasty is likely to be driven with infatuations! In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised when such a person impregnates you and fails to take responsibility. You’d rather take early precautions that grapple with later regrets.

4, Don’t expect exclusivity immediately after the first date

With the increased use of dating apps, you expect that people are chatting with multiple potential partners. The fact that you’re invited for a first date does not necessarily mean that your date is not talking to other people.

If you expect exclusivity too early into the relationship, you’re likely to be disappointed. In fact, the reason you got a date is to facilitate a meeting which would ideally offer a platform to evaluate your potential as a suitor. As such, you should allow them time before they make a conclusive decision on the future of your relationship.

5, Always plan for the first date

Your first impression matters. However, you shouldn’t confuse this with a large expenditure in five-star resorts. In fact, relationship experts advise that you should keep your first date simple. It would be unwise to waste a lot of money on a person you’re not certain that you’ll be compatible.

In most cases, first dates originate from online dating apps. These platforms provide scanty information about your potential suitor. As such, you should always treat your first date as a platform to understand the interests of your potential suitor and evaluate your commonalities.

6, If you desire to make a move, do not hold it back

Never feel ashamed to make a request! It’s absolutely normal and you’ll be surprised at how kind people are. However, you should be willing to take any response (including the negative ones).

Traditionally, people believed that it’s wrong for a woman to approach a man. That’s now a thing of the past! If you’re convinced that he could be your ideal man, go ahead and make the move. It will save you the frustrations of waiting for the man to propose.

Also, you should always feel to ask for as much information as you can during your first date. That’s your golden opportunity to know your potential suitor well. If you keep withholding the questions, you’ll find yourself entangled in an undesirable situation that would have been avoided by asking basic questions during the first date.

7, Don’t be overwhelming on social media

You should always use messaging platforms with moderation. When you text too much after a date, you’ll appear like you’re in a rush.

Always have the courtesy to request for some time for chatting. Your potential suitors could be busy and your nagging will definitely put them off. Just give them their space.

8, Never ,mind the spark

When you realize that you’re strongly attracted to a stranger, it shouldn’t worry you. The spark is normal and you just need to be creative enough to devise a way out.

It’s always advisable to approach such a person and tell them about your love at first sight experience. If they’re okay with it, you should arrange for a date. It could be your dream suitor! Have a read of our online flirting guide for more tips and advice.

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