Easy guide to, dating Thai women, the pros and cons!

If you’re a touring enthusiast, then you must have heard about the diverse culture and outstanding beaches of Thailand. The region’s culture, tasty cuisines, and nightlife attract people from different parts of the world. Besides these attractions, Thailand boasts of overwhelmingly beautiful women. In fact, the majority of people who visit the region are single men who hope to hook up with a Thai woman. This article will give you advice and tips on Thai dating.

But what informs these men of the beauties in Thailand?

Unfortunately, the western men rely heavily on stereotypes that are spread by the media as opposed to their personal experiences. There are myriad myths about Thai women; some of which lack scientific backing. Some of the myths include:

  • Thai women are unconditionally submissive, obedient, and meek
  • They are quiet and easy to please
  • They never complain

While the vast majority of western men believe that these beliefs are factual, it’s untrue that you can take advantage of the meekness and the subservient nature of the Thai women. Just like Western women, Thai women are highly independent and hold their principles high whenever they get into any relationship.

Even the punter women in Thailand will not just fall for any man. They will always go for high-class men who not only have a few dollars but are also presentable. From experience, you’re likely to get little to no attention if you go to Thailand dressed in dirty t-shirts! These women are not as desperate as the Western media has successfully portrayed them.

Get this fact right!

If you erase the mentality that Thai women are a weaker breed, you’re likely to have an extremely rewarding relationship with these women. However, you should ensure that you go the extra mile to impress them.

The idea that Thai beauties will be waiting for any man with open arms is misleading and will only yield frustrations and disillusionment when you’re unable to meet your relationship expectations.

My Experience!

My experience after over 10 years of marriage to a Thai woman is phenomenal. In fact, I can confirm that it’s easier to make a Thai woman happy than it is to satisfy a Western woman. That does not mean that you give these beauties little attention! Just like any other woman, you’ll require to invest in your relationship. I met my wife on Thai Friendly which is a free to use Thai dating app and website.

From my experiences, I have compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages of dating a Thai woman. Read on to help you make an informed decision!

Advantages of Dating a Thai woman

1, They give you freedom. Thai women are rarely overprotective. They’ll give you space to do what you want as long as you remain faithful. If you’re a football fan, you will not have a hard time trying to join your boys if you date a Thai woman. Yes, they are that understanding!

2, They guarantee great sex life. It’s common knowledge that sex life becomes dull after getting married to a western woman. On the contrary, Thai women are determined to keep their men happy and they comprehend the adverse effects associated with losing interest on sex. When you treat a Thai woman right, she’ll do anything to ensure that you stick by her

3, Beauty. Thai women are incredibly beautiful and every man will pride in dating one. Their exotic look completed with an attractive shape makes them a gem among the men. Even better, these women have perfected the art of self-care to maintain their attractiveness even as they age. Contrary to western women, it’s rare to find a Thai woman adding weight after getting married!

4, Ability to reconcile. Thai women have a unique way of pacifying the environment. It doesn’t matter how tough an argument is, they’ll ensure that you’ve entirely forgotten about the matter within an incredibly short time. Every man values a peaceful environment after a busy day, right? Well, you’ll not go wrong with a Thai woman.

5, Femininity. The women understand their roles in the house. For example, you’ll never have a fight with a Thai woman concerning who should do the laundry, wash the dishes, cook, or perform any other feminine duty in the house. Their dressing code always portrays their feminine nature which further amplifies their beauty.

6, Availability. It’s pretty easy to find your dream Thai woman! All you need is to present yourself as a responsible man who can take care of them. However, always ensure that you love your potential wife before getting into marriage. It’s not just about the attractiveness but also compatibility

7, They are easy to approach. These women are highly accommodative. Just approach her and she’ll never give a rude response. Even when they are not interested, they’ll turn your request down in a polite way.

Disadvantages of dating a Thai woman

1, Need to spend money. To impress a Thai girl, you’ll need to ensure a constant supply of gifts and surprises

2, Family. Thai girls are highly attached to their families. If you’re ready for her, you should also be ready for her family’s problems

3, Trust. Just like any other woman, you should not entirely trust a Thai woman at first. Learn about her progressively and let the trust develop gradually based on her actions

4, Communication. You’ll be in trouble if you cannot understand Thai language (native and largely used language in Thailand). If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with her, you should take the initiative to learn its basics.

5, Differences in culture. Thailand’s culture is different from the western one. If you need to win the love of a Thai woman, then you should learn to respect their culture

6, Jealousy. Despite their willingness to give you freedom, they may overreact when they suspect that you are sleeping with another woman. However, all this is meant to protect your relationship!

7, Cheating. Men have an extremely easy time when cheating on their girlfriends in Thailand. However, the phenomenon is two-way. Women can also cheat although rare.

Bottom line

Thai women are beautiful and submissive. However, you shouldn’t mistake these virtues for weakness. Just like any other woman, Thai women require to be treated right! Use the right skills and enjoy every minute of your relationship with them. To save time in your search for your perfect Thai partner, then try Thai Friendly today.

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Dating Thai women
Dating Thai women
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