Easy guide to, does she have a boyfriend?

Dating is an interesting phase of life that’s characterized by a unique mixture of enthusiasm and uncertainty. The thrill that comes when you spot an attractive girl is likely to turn into confusion when the possibility of the girl having a boyfriend settles in. Does she have a boyfriend already?

When you find yourself in such a situation, you’re likely to be immersed in fear of the unknown. An avalanche of questions will crisscross your mind to further complicate the situation. What if the girl is not interested in me? What if she’s already dating? Will she enjoy my company?

While these questions appear to be frustrating, getting valid answers to them is always worth it! There is absolutely no point of spending time with your crush only to realize later that she has a boyfriend.

To avoid such a situation, we’ll review some of the signs that could point to her relationship status before you make a move that may lead to later regrets.

She’s Not Bothered by Her Outfit

The intrinsic urge to draw the attention of men drives women to step out wearing their best outfits. If you realize that your crush is not bothered by what she wears, then it’s likely that she has a boyfriend.

A single girl will do everything to attract men. She’ll creatively select a sexy dress and outstanding accessories to ensure that she is sufficiently flattery. Her hair and facial makeup will make a statement whenever she moves.

From the above observations, it’s rather simple to tell whether a girl is taken or not. If you’re still yet to understand this point, then get this summary served to you in the form of straight talk;

A girl that’s in the midst of her well-dressed friends but appears not to be bothered by her look is likely to be dating. Alternatively, it’s possible that the girl is not dating but she isn’t interested to start a relationship at that particular time. It could be that she wants to concentrate on a project or even her academics before she starts a relationship!

Whatever the reason, you should be careful when approaching such a girl lest you’re left disappointed. The fact that she’s not sexily dressed is, to a large extent, a way of telling you not to waste your precious time trying to establish a relationship with her.

Fun Fact

Did you know that the female population in New York is twice as high as that of men? The women are forced to fiercely compete for a date! On the contrary, the female to male ratio is reversed in San Francisco. In Silicon Valley, the number of men is way higher than that of women.

This is what is interesting;

Women in New York dress more sexily than those in San Francisco with the hope of drawing the attention of the few men in the city.

Those in Silicon Valley can afford a more casual look since the men will compete for them regardless of what they wear due to their small population.

  • She’s Not Ashamed to Post Pictures of the Same Guy in All Her Social Media Accounts

After you’ve developed an interest in a girl, it’s necessary that you look up for her social media accounts. What she posts will not only tell you about her character but also her relationship status.

You should try to get as much information about her as you can. Ensure that you understand her interests, her social class, and her close friends. The information will be instrumental in successfully proposing for a relationship (in case you found out that she’s still single).

Never ignore these crucial signs;

  • A girl posting a picture of the same guy in all her accounts is communicating loudly that she’s engaged. Not unless you want to dethrone the boyfriend, then you should always stay away
  • A girl who uses sexy names repeatedly on a particular guy is likely to be engaged to him. Be on the lookout for frequent use of dear, babe, my man, darling, honey, sweetheart, and any other name denoting an existing relationship. In such cases, it’s always advisable to be cautious
  • A girl who posts romantic pictures with the same guy. It could be a kissing episode, an outdoor romantic dinner, a swimming session, or an adventurous walk. These are signs that the girl could be engaged to that particular man

If you’re careful when evaluating her social media accounts, you will know whether she’s single or not. However, your stalking should be professional and it should not offend the girl in any way.

  • Her Body Language. How a girl behaves can indicate whether she’s engaged or not. For example, if you find a girl that confidently touches, hugs, or embraces a guy in public, then it’s likely that there is a special relationship between them.

Also, a girl in love has the tendency to consult the guy before making a point. If you realize that she is overly submissive to a guy, then you should be careful when approaching her.


You shouldn’t assume that a girl is in a relationship with a lady simply because you found them sitting together. You’ll miss the opportunity unnecessarily. Only body signs can tell you whether there is a connection between the two or not. As such, you should be keen to understand and decode body language.

If you find a girl and a guy in a conversation, just check the sitting arrangement. If they are facing outward and seated directly opposite each other, it’s likely that the lady is single. If there are touchy and closed, then they are telling the world that they are okay and wouldn’t appreciate any other person joining them.

Also, if the girl is in the company of other girls, you should keenly note how they behave around men. If the girls are engaged, they’ll be closed and they’ll offer no opportunity for an outsider to join them. If they keep looking around, then they could be inviting other people into their space. However, if the girl is conspicuously disinterested in their activities, then it’s likely that she’s engaged, unlike her single friends.

  • Be Keen on Where You Regularly Find Her and the Activities She Engages In

Her favorite places and activities will give you crucial tips on her relationship status. For example, you would expect to find a single girl shopping for female clothes. Right?

What if you find a girl in a men’s store shopping for men’s clothing?

That would be a possible sign that the girl is engaged. Although there are minimal chances that she could be shopping for a relative, you need to be extra cautious when approaching her for a relationship.

If you find her in the grocery store, you should be keen to note whether the food she bought is for one individual. If she buys groceries enough for more than one person, then it’s possible that she’s not single.  

Interesting Tip

If you go out to bar on a Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve, you’ll have an incredibly easy time identifying single people. Most of the people who are alone in the lounge are single. You’ll have the opportunity to approach one who’ll definitely be need of company and become friends henceforth. Valentine’s day would also be a perfect date idea too.

Identify the Signal and Avoid Possible Rejection!

The secret to avoiding embarrassment during dating is knowing the signals to look out for before approaching a girl. Follow the tips we’ve provided herein to the letter. Who knows, you could just get your dream date from the most unexpected sources!

Does she have a boyfriend
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