Easy guide to, the do’s and don’ts of going on a first date!

First dates are characterized by high expectations to meet the person you have always admired. At times, the unpredictability of the day’s events threatens to ruin your high hopes. If you’ve been in this situation, then you’ll opine that it’s not quite rosy. The exhilarating experience can make you shiver at every thought of meeting a new person!

However, there are tips that can be helpful in curbing the fears and ensuring a flawless first date. We decided to engage men to let them share their best and worst experiences on their first dates. This article compiles some of the most compelling responses they provided. Read on to decipher transformative actions that you can use during your first date

The do’s

1, Wear your best pair of shoes

During your first date, you need to make a memorable fashion statement. Even when you are not a fashion enthusiast, you should ensure that you get a decent pair of shoes. Women are particularly keen to note the type of shoes that you’re wearing. However, you should avoid anything that appears too flashy since it may create the wrong perception of your character and interests.

2, Think through your questions carefully

Nobody would like to get into a relationship with a nosy person! When you ask personal questions, you should phrase them in a way that they do not offend your partner.

In fact, it’s advisable to avoid highly personal questions lest they ruin your date for good. When you ask the first question along that line and realize that your partner is not comfortable with it, you’d rather leave it.

3, Give prior information about dietary restrictions

If you’re allergic to certain foods, it’s necessary to communicate that in advance. Ensure that your potential suitor knows about all your dietary preferences so that it does not get her by surprise.

4, Break the touch barrier

First physical contact can be a bit uncomfortable for the man. If the lady deems it necessary, she can always make the first move. This will ease the tension and things will flow effortlessly after the first touch.

The don’ts

1, Avoid using your phone

Whenever you go for your first date, you should always ensure that you give maximum attention to your partner. The simple act of switching off your phone shows respect and optimum interest in your potential suitor.

We understand that the temptation to check the progress of your latest post in Instagram can be overwhelming! But there is absolutely no harm of giving your two hours entirely to your partner.

If you have critical matters to attend to, it’s always necessary to make advance plans on how to handle them during the short vacation. You can opt to delegate your duties or find a way to congest your schedule to complete them in time before the date.

2, Never talk about your previous relationships

Bringing up the issues about your ex is the surest way of killing the precious moments of your first date. Most people believe that such a gesture shows disrespect.

3, Don’t force things

You should always strive to create an enabling environment where every individual can share their feelings without any fear. To achieve this, ensure that you avoid a question-answer scenario and instead create an environment ideal for a natural conversation.

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