Easy guide to, he’s infatuated with me!

Meeting a man for the first time can be phenomenal. The attachment builds so fast and within some few hours, you feel like you’ve known him for years. The man doesn’t disappoint! He reciprocates by showering you with sexy compliments. It’s definitely a breathtaking moment, he’s infatuated with me!

The intense connection continues to grow with time. Before you know it, you’re spending a lot of time chatting and expressing love to each other.

When you thought that your love life is at its peak, the man disappears!

The flattery messages and unending calls halt dishearteningly. You no longer share the passionate moments that would overwhelm you with sexual desires.

All of a sudden, you are wallowing in the endless lake of misery, confusion, and dismay. But just how does this happen? Is it common? How do I tell the early signs of this occurrence to avoid heartbreaks? What is the difference between love and infatuation ?

Well, this is a common occurrence and the majority of women have encountered such men at least once in their lifetime. You should beware of men who show abnormally high interest in you at first sight since this may equally disappear fast. What out for infatuation signs with this guy.

This article enumerates some of the most reliable signs for this phenomenon that you should look out for to protect yourself from disappointments.

1, He’s too quick to send sexual comments

When you meet a man, you should always set boundaries. It’s unwise to be infatuated by sexy complements from a man you’ve just met. In most cases, such men will fade off with the same vigor that they started the relationship with.

You should particularly be careful with men who are keen on your physical appeal but absolutely ignore your personal attributes. They’ll be disinterested in any talk that deviates from romance and sex. The primary goal of such men is to obtain sexual satisfaction by evoking sexual desires through flattery words.

The golden Advice

If a man does not respect you, you should never give him a chance to mess your life up! Let him show interest in learning your likes and dislikes before moving to sex talks. That way, you’ll be sure that the man you are dating is in love but not mere infatuations.

2, He presents with addictive and compulsive habits

You should gauge your man to determine whether he’s addicted to certain habits including gambling, sex, texting, or drugs. If you realize that there are specific activities that he cannot live without, then that should be a red flag.

Such men obtain fulfillment from engaging in these activities and they may compel you into them. For example, a man who’s addicted to sex will want to get it from you as quickly as possible without considering your interests. However, such an activity is unsustainable; it’s likely that your partner will always look for new ways to satisfy their desires. These habits will put your life in a significant risk. As such, you should give men with compulsive and addictive habits a wide berth.

3, He’s self-centered and selfish

If your man is only concerned about his own feelings and entirely disregards your needs, then you should disengage immediately. You should never be comfortable with a one-sided relationship.  

Whenever you meet a man, you should express your desires and concerns candidly. While at it, observe his attitude to determine whether he cares about you. If he does not listen, then it’s the high time you get out of the relationship since it could turn out to be toxic.

4, He moves in with you rather fast

Never yield to the pressure to move in with any man before you’re comfortable with the arrangement. If you realize that the man is obsessed with sex and is willing to do anything to get it, you should consider stepping aside.

Always be keen to observe his body language which will help you to determine whether he’s only infatuated or deeply in love. If he’s only excited when you introduce a topic on sex but gloomy when talking about other crucial matters on the relationship, it’s advisable that you move out quick!

5, He overpromises

Does your man deliver on his promises? If he doesn’t, then it’s likely that he makes empty promises with the aim of achieving his target. Such a man is after a short-lived relationship to obtain sexual favors.

If he’s fond of last minute cancellations, then you should be extra cautious with him. If the man really likes you, he’ll fulfill his promises to you without coercion. You will only get what you deserve when you show uncompromised self-respect. Maybe your man is an online player, it’s always worth checking this out too.

He’s infatuated with me
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