Easy guide to, older men dating younger women.

It’s hard to deny that there is an unprecedented rise in the number of marriages where the husband is much older than the wife. Quintessential examples of such relationships include the Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta’s marriage as well as that of George Clooney and Amal Clooney. Older men dating younger women, let’s have a look at why this happens!

Still not convinced that the phenomenon is widespread?

According to Sugardaddie dating, a leading online dating platform, approximately 9% of online daters are more likely to engage an older person. The research found out that 60% of men were interested in dating women who’re younger than them. Interestingly, 13% were entirely comfortable and willing to date a woman who is more than 10 years younger than they are.

In fact, there is a significant number of couples with above 20 years age difference? A classic example of such is President Trump and his wife Melania Trump. The couple has an incredible age difference of 24 years! Additionally, the May-December romance is quite common among Hollywood personalities.

So, what are the factors that lead to May-December Romance? Why are these relationships known as May-December? This article seeks to answer these questions exhaustively. Read on to learn more why girls date older men.

May-December romance

This is a common term in the western world that’s used to describe relationships whose players have a significant age gap. The fact that there exists a specific term used to describe it shows the high prevalence of the phenomenon in the region.

While the majority of people may express disaffection towards such relationships, there are several plausible reasons behind them. We’ll delve into the matter to help you understand the admissibility of May-December romance or lack of it thereof.

Why the name May-December romance?

The term has its roots in Europe and it’s derived from the climatic seasons in the region. It’s a superb metaphorical representation of the people’s culture during these seasons. Ideally, May is springtime in the region and December signifies the start of winter.

In spring, the cities in Europe start rejuvenating after devastating effects of winter; this represents a woman in her youthful best.

On the other hand, the plants will wither in December as extreme cold characterizing winter season sets in. This is used to represent a man who is past his prime age. From this, the May-December relationship was adopted!

Why women date older men

Are you still skeptical about the May-December relationships? Well, the list below gives a clear picture of why a young woman would like to date an older man. It could just change your mind!

  • older men are more cultured and possess immense life skills
  • They are moneyed and have substantial wealth as opposed to superficial riches
  • Majority of them are experts in pleasing women. They always look forward to a serious relationship
  • They are largely dynamic and ready to try new things such as cooking
  • They enjoy precious time as a couple as opposed to outdoor parties common with the youth
  • They have an unmatched taste
  • They largely live a healthier life
  • Key biological and psychological reasons

Here, we’ll discuss just a few of them to highlight the issues surrounding May-December relationships and why women are more comfortable with such relationships:

1, Older men are a source of security

Research by Psychology Today showed that men become socially valuable as they age. They acquire a firm grip in their careers and progressively accumulate high-value resources that are highly attractive to young girls.

Stephen Proulx, a Zoologist, opines that older men offer significant security to women. The young men cannot match the VIP status that the elderly men accord women since they are struggling to build their careers and lay a firm foundation for their future.  

Does this mean that these women are gold-diggers?

Well, before we judge them, it’s crucial that we analyze the findings of a study conducted by St Mary’s University. Sara Skentelbery and Darren Fowler sought to understand why some women seek security from elderly men. They discovered that there is a relationship, albeit small, between women engaging in May-December relationship and lack of security from their fathers when growing up. These are findings that we can’t simply disregard!

Additionally, the evolution theory suggests that men used to live a paltry 20-30 years during the evolutionary past. As such, elderly men were considered a gem in the society and their attractiveness would peak at their fifties.

Such men were considered all-around wealthy in terms of properties, experiences, and wisdom. Beside his bank account, the longevity would undoubtedly draw younger women closer to him. The situation has not changed even with modernization and civilization!

1, Older men are more familiar to women!

Professor Madeleine Fugere, the author of The Social Psychology of Attraction and Romantic Relationships, believes that women are attracted to men who have a striking resemblance to their fathers. As such, they’ll check the hair color, the eye color, and other features that look like their fathers’. This makes older men rather familiar to women since they possess features akin to those of their parents!

However, a study by Scottish psychologists concluded that women were keener on physical appearance as opposed to money and resemblance to parents. As such, if your father has undesirable features, then Fugere’s theory may not apply!

2, Older men embody the male gaze

Kerri Sackville introduced an interesting twist on the matter in an article published in Sydney Morning Herald. According to her, women have, over time, internalized the concept where masculine men are attracted to sexually appealing women (largely believed to be young). If men view old women as undesirable, women will internalize that too and try to counter it!

But how do they counter it?

Well, most women will be attracted to older men since such men view them as perpetually young and more attractive! As such, the belief that their value decreases as they age makes women to seek affirmation from the elderly men who view them young nevertheless.

Bottom line

You should never bother with societal standards of marriage! What matters is that you are comfortable and happy with your relationship. Whether you are dating an older man or not should only be determined by your satisfaction and not what other people believe.

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older men dating younger women.
older men dating younger women.

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