Easy guide to, the ultimate online flirting guide!

You enter into the bar lounge with car keys dangling lazily from your left hand. Your right hand massaging your protruding belly and every majestic step you take leaving the women in the bar awed by your glorious entry. You position yourself on a corner and signal your woman of interest. And that is it! Flirting offline can be a breeze and now let’s look at online flirting… 

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But what about online flirting?

Well, you’ll agree that it’s not always a walk in the park. Dealing with virtual beings is an entirely different ballgame and you may require to up your game to succeed in this territory. If you’ve been frustrated before, then you shouldn’t worry. We’ll offer a comprehensive guide that will turn your online flirting into a memorable undertaking.

1, Add the touch of oral speech

The trickiest part of written speech is the fact that you have minimal techniques to show emotions. Even when you do, the person on the other end is not sure whether you are genuine or not.

Nevertheless, you can try to add some touch of oral speech. You’ll achieve this by dropping the formal lines that you always use when sending emails to your business partners. Try your best to be informal in the entire conversation.

Always invoke your imaginary skills. As you write, you should imagine that you were directly saying the words to the intended recipient. This will give your messages a unique touch that will resonate well with your chatting partner. Before you hit the send button, you should always proofread the message in a relaxed manner. If it sounds too formal, then you need to restructure it.

Also, you should never ignore the power of emoji. Make sure that you use at least two emoji for each text. However, you should only use those emoji that you fathom their accurate meaning.

2, Avoid smooth pickup lines

The use of these lines is outdated and it’ll backfire! Resist the use of phrases such as “Are you Google? I’ve just found what I was searching for”. They are boring and may paint you as a joker.

3, Always uphold honesty

You should always express your honest intentions. Be transparent and tell your crush the reason you’re interested in them. Also, make good use of compliments to flirt them.

If you’re dishonest, you’ll be frustrated since your target audience might just become disinterested on discovering your lying tendencies.

4, Set boundaries

Flirting should not stir discomfort. If one of the parties express their reservations, you should withdraw and make the conversation more light-hearted. Never feel ashamed to block and report anybody who disrespects you.

5, Get a little sexy

While you should never send nudes, you can always engage in a moderately sexy talk. It lights up the moment!

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6, Be creative

Use unique methods to express your interest. For example, chatting about your favorite outdoor activity. Also, you can send links with interesting content that resonates with the information on your chatting partner’s profile.

7, Be a bit reserved

While honesty is crucial, you should avoid revealing sensitive details to strangers online. Only use what’s in your profile.

The bottom line

Online flirting shouldn’t appear like rocket science! Take it casually and you’ll reap immense benefits from it. Ensure that you take control of the conversation to ensure that all the parties are comfortable with it. Have a read of our online dating rules article for more tips and advice.

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