Easy guide to, the online player and how to spot them!

The “Too Little, Too Late” song by Princess Jojo highlights our vulnerability to players in a relationship. In fact, it’s likely that the largest percentage of the dating population have fallen prey to these online players. This is especially common with the online dating platforms which have become a favorite for many.

If you’ve experienced such heartbreaks, you’ll agree with me that the experience can be inglorious. Here, we’ll highlight five techniques that you can use to spot a player in a dating site.

1, They are the best profile viewers but rarely send you a message

If you notice an individual who regularly checks your profile, occasionally likes your pictures, and regularly send winks, it’s likely that they are players. They rarely go beyond these basic exercises. You will never get their calls or texts.

This behavior is a crafty way of ensuring that they keep you close enough without necessarily investing too many resources. The regular likes ensure that their names and profile becomes ingrained in your brain. As such, when they need a physical date, you’ll not view them as strangers.

2, They like copy and paste messages

In most cases, players are interested in multiple partners. As such, they may not have sufficient time to craft a message for each one of them. Instead, they copy messages from other sources and send them as their own.

Any genuine individual should go through your profile and design a customized message that resonates well with your interests. If you realize that the message sent by a potential suitor is too generic, you should be careful with them. There is a significant chance that they are players!

According to a study conducted by Zoosk, a large number of men in dating sites send generic messages to women. Fortunately, 87% of women do not reply to such texts. You too should ignore such messages that are written by online players!

3, They are too hasty In expressing their feelings

When you start an online date, it is common knowledge that you’ve never met. Right? How then can such a person claim to have inexplicably strong feelings towards you?

If you notice an individual who uses strong romantic phrases, at first sight, you should keep a safe distance. They are trying to lure you into a sexual engagement without a commitment that they’ll follow up with the love thereafter. Emotions will always take time before they develop to the point of freely expressing them to your partner.

4, They keep postponing scheduled physical meetings

Just when you thought you’ll physically meet your new catch, dozens of excuses come knocking your hopes down! If you’ve encountered such a person online, you need to be careful with them since they might be players.

People who are talking to different parties on the online dating platform lack the confidence to meet you in person. Even when they do, their sole reason will be to flatter you and then engage in sexual intercourse. Such dates are always few and far between.

If you notice these traits, you should stop their advances early enough before they turn into regrets. You should never give them the opportunity to play around with your emotions.

5, They are difficult to get hold of

Have you ever texted someone for hours then they leave without notice? Worse still, you are absolutely sure that they saw and read your messages! Just when you are having a great conversation with a lot of pleasantries, the partner disappears and comes back after several hours.

Well, this is an obvious sign of disinterest. They don’t care about your interests as long as you are meeting their immediate needs. You should never allow such a relationship to progress since that is enough to show you that you are dealing with a player.

Also, you should be keen on individuals who appear highly unpredictable with their phone usage. Such people will respond timely but sometimes they are nowhere to be found. When they come back, they are usually unapologetic and they’ll continue with the chats as if nothing happened!

Players will always be there, but you shouldn’t fall for them!

Well, we cannot promise that you will not meet players online. They will be there and they’ll use all the tricks available at their disposal to fool you. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to fall for their tricks.

This guide provides five of the most common characteristics of players that you can find on online dating apps. You should religiously use them to avoid them. Most importantly, you should never ignore any red flag during your conversation. Have a read of our dating profile success article to avoid these online players.

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