Easy guide to, the perfect first date.

First dates are highly unpredictable. The uncertainties associated with meeting a new person can be overwhelming. Rhetorical questions flow through your brain like whirlwinds and you’re simply not sure of what to expect. The situation is worse when you’ve only through online dating! The first physical meeting is tense and you will always be immersed in thoughts contemplating the possible eventualities. Let’s look at the perfect first date!

Luckily, researchers have determined what’s likely to work on your first date and what you should entirely dodge. Here are some tips that can guarantee a perfect date for you:

1, Honesty

Approximately 81% of people give misleading information on their online profiles. This can lead to embarrassing first dates. It’s always recommended that you include your accurate data such as age, height, weight, and complexion. Honesty is a definite method to avoid unpleasant situations during your first date.

2, Your outfit

You should strive to ensure that you remain your authentic self during the date. If you try a new outfit that you’ve never worn before, you are likely to have an awkward experience. For example, if you’re used to wearing flowing dresses, never try to wear a miniskirt with the hope of impressing your new catch. It might just backfire on you terribly!

Also, ensure that you choose a color that will light up your moods. Here, you can go with your favorite color. If you aren’t sure, then you can wear black. There exist enough research that proves that black can stir confidence. Just wear a nice outfit that will inspire self-love.

3, Conversation 

It’s likely that the environment will be tense during your first date. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation where there is an eerie silence from both parties.

But what kind of conversation is ideal for a first date?

You should never restrict yourself! If you attempt this, you’re likely to run out of convo materials. It’s advisable that you allow the conversation to flow naturally.

A study conducted to determine the ideal topics for a first date showed that the majority of people endorse politics, religion, and financial conversations. When you engage in such topics, you’re likely to veer into a topic that you are conversant with which will restore the natural environment.

However, there are specific topics that you should avoid. A whopping 86% are uncomfortable talking about their ex and 75% disapprove sports as a topic of discussion during your first date.

1, The manners

Never use your phone during your first date. If possible, you can activate the silent mode to avoid distractions. 75% of daters would immediately get disinterested in a person giving too much attention to their phones!

2, The length

According to Match’s Singles survey in America, many daters think that the first date should take a maximum of two and a half hours. If it takes too long, you’ll likely to get bored which will mess up your first date experience. It’s advisable to keep it short but memorable!

The bottom line

This guide may not be universal! If you feel that you’re okay with your first date, then you can always trust your guts. However, if you find the date frightening, then you can use these tips optimally. We have an accompanying article for the do’s and don’ts of a first date you should read too.

Perfect first date
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