Easy guide to, the secrets of dating profile success!

Dating profile headlines are instrumental in communicating your interests. However, the exercise requires tremendous creativity to ensure that your profile stands out from the rest.

But how exactly do you achieve a compelling headline?

It’s necessary that you expertly answer all the questions that are likely to cross your view’s minds whenever they come across your profile. However, reading a block of words can be overwhelming and many people will ultimately give in to the boredom that may creep in.

To avoid this, you should always craft distinctive headlines. Here are 7 proven methods that you can use to write the best headlines:

7, Try being funny

Would you believe that a large number of people are looking for funny individuals whenever they visit online dating apps? Well, this could be a mind-boggling statement but it’s the absolute truth!

Research conducted by eHarmony ranked “funny” as the sixth most luring word in online dating. The study involved 12,000 users of online dating profiles and it brought to the fore the positive effects of being funny when creating your profile.

If you’ve not been getting your desired attention, then it’s time to rejuvenate your profile by adding some funny phrases. You can steal a few lines from a comedy show or even creatively craft something that’ll make people laugh! That way, you can be certain that you’ll appear funny yet original which will boost the number of dating website inbox messages you get significantly.

6, Introduce love talk

When you talk more about relationships, you’re likely to get into one much quicker than those people who give the topic a wide berth. This phenomenon has been scientifically proven by the findings of research conducted by Plenty of Fish. This organization used 1.2 million profiles and realized that women who included the words “relationship” and “love” in their profiles were 16% more likely to get into a relationship that those who didn’t.

When you speak about love, people translate it as honesty. After all, the reason why everyone is online is to seek for love! Find unique love quotes and use them as your headline. Ensure that you keep them brief and precise.

5, Describe your attributes using attractive terms

The research by eHarmony (described above) showed that using attractive words to describe your personality attracts your potential suitors. Some of the words that have been proven to have a significant impact include optimistic, passionate, thoughtful, outgoing, adventurous, and sweet.

You should always choose the words that fit your personality and place them strategically on your headlines. It’s advisable that you place them to be among the first two words of your headline.

4, Candidly mention your interests

Everybody would like to get a partner with similar interests as theirs. Right? When you highlight your interests on your headline, it becomes easy to connect to people with common goals and objectives.

A study conducted jointly by OkCupid and Match.com showed that profiles with a candid description of own interests drew more attention. Some of the activities that worked well for men’s profiles include hiking, mountain climbing, adventure walks, and surfing. On the other hand, the best interests for women include fashion and yoga. You should describe the interests in such a way that it will develop images in the reader’s mind.

3, Play to gender biases

According to the findings of research conducted at the Queen Mary University of London, men are attracted to the physical beauty of a woman. On the contrary, women need a man who is assertive, intelligent, and altruistic. When crafting your headlines, you should endeavour to play to these biases by highlighting the features that would interest the opposite gender.

2, Your headline should ooze with confidence

When you’re confident, you’re likely to receive 23% more responses than those timidly written headlines. A study by the Pew Research Center showed that people are more attracted to glowing profiles. However, you should avoid exaggerating since you may appear boastful which will keep people away!

1, Imitation is a sure way of flattery

Researchers from the University of North Texas, the London School of Medicine, and the Barts opined that you should look up the profiles of individuals you’re interested in and imitate their style. This will ensure that you attract a specific group of people to your profile.

At the end of it all, avoid overemphasizing your headline!

Many people will be interested in your profile photos and other details as opposed to your headlines. As such, you should never stress yourself too much over it.

You can simply get a quote, movie lines, or song lyrics. Also, you can borrow some lines from profiles of people with similar interests.

The secrets of dating profile success
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