Questions To Ask Potential Dating Partners

Most people are so excited about meeting someone new for dating and a possible relationship that they forget to ask the important questions that could affect whether or not they’re even compatible or not. This is usually because all they care about is the fact that they now have someone to do things with. They have someone to spend Valentine’s Day with as well as other special days throughout the year. That’s all that matters, right? You only need to have a warm, living, breathing body with you on those days so that you’re not alone and lonely.
If that were the actually truth, there would be many more happy couples in the world.

People talk all the time about finding their “soul mate.” This is a rather misunderstood term. What people should be looking for is that special someone that they can connect with and have many things in common with. However, even this is difficult when you don’t have the answers to the key questions. That’s why there is a basic set of questions that you need to ask anyone that you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with.

If you’re thinking that you’ve found Mr. Wonderful, before you start down a path of permanence, following are some questions that you really need to get answered and out of the way before taking it any further:

Have you ever been married? The answer to this one is kind of important because it shows you a couple of things about him. If he says yes, then at least once in his life he was willing to commit to someone. It also tells you there’s a story about why it ended.
How long have you been divorced? This lets you know whether or not the timing is good for a relationship with him.
When did your last relationship end? This is another question that tells you if he’s emotionally available to you.
What caused the relationship to end? It’s important that you know what happened in his previous relationships so that you can decide whether or not he’s good relationship material.
Do you hope to marry again? If it’s your hope to marry, you need the answer to this question before taking things any further. There’s no need to continue if you want to get married and he has no desire to ever walk down the aisle again.
If you don’t want to marry again, what are you looking for in a relationship? A tricky question, the answer you get will tell you a great deal about what your potential relationship will be if you choose to pursue one with this man. Make sure that his intentions match what you want in a relationship. If it’s not, then move on before things go any further.

When you ask these questions and get the right answers, you’ll know that it’s time to move forward with him. Answers that don’t seem to match what your future hopes are should send you packing and on your way.


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