How To Get A Woman’s Phone Number Within Three Minutes Of Meeting Her Pt. 2-More Q&A


Dear David D.,

You are right on (regarding how to completely turn a woman OFF). So tell me… if someone is smothering me, how can I turn HIM off?

I can’t stand it. He’s calling me pumpkin. He got to tell me he loves me, every five minutes (I don’t respond). He’s constantly in my face. He thinks I like it when he grabs me every five seconds (I’m disgusted!! And I say so!!!!!!!). He thinks he’s moving to my new town with me (not invited – not even close). It somehow escapes him when I tell him, no.

He even insists on carrying my cell phone from car to door! He knows I hate it but he takes it right out of my hand because he believes he “should” do that for me.

I think he’s intelligent enough, but a psycho when it comes to me. I have only known him six weeks and by the third day, he was asking me to move in (NOT).

My friends have told me to run. I would but he’s perfectly fine except for the attention he pours on me. If there’s something I could do to curb this, I would. He’s not listening. I’m constantly plotting to avoid him because of this. He’s driving me completely insane. I can’t stand it. PLEASE HELP!!!



Here’s the recipe for success:

9 parts teasing, playing hard-to-get, acting Cocky & Funny, and 1 part being nice. If that doesn’t work, decrease niceness to 1 part in 20.

In the beginning of a relationship, a woman is FAR more likely to feel ATTRACTED to you if you are NOT smothering her with attention.

The longest sentence I’ve personally ever read (and it was longer before I edited it!***

hey David I love what you do to help all of us guys out there your the best and I would like to share a success story well see I have a girlfriend who I am going out with and I admit I am a player and I can get alot of girls but its mostly from your help that I am so successful see this girlfriend of mine I have broken up with her three times and she keeps coming back to me and I like her and I dont want to break up with her but by doing so she gets scared and realizes what she has lost and I take her back but one time when I broke up with her and I got this thing where I can kinda read chicks minds and I know what they want and I knew she wanted to kiss me so I did the kiss test, after awhile she said you know thats a turn on then I said really I kept looking into her eyes and saw her looking at my lips so I grabed and I kissed her thanks for your help but I also need your help with something else there is a girl at my school who is really hot but she is like two years older then me… I notice that she glances at me alot… but I dont know what to do and how to talk to her cause… shes always talking to her friends or shes with them and I cant go up then cause shes busy and she is the only one girl I cant get, what do I need to do my friend said I should look deep into her eyes and give her alittle smile while I walk past her but I need to know if thats a good Idea cause I dont want to mess up and not get her so please help me out thanks man your the best…


Go to English class more… I had to stop reading and take nine breaths while editing your question! lol…

OK, if I were you, I’d walk up to her and say:

“Hey, I don’t have time to talk, but do you have email?”

If she says yes, then get it, and email her this:

“Hey, what up? I’ve heard that you’re cool, and I think that we should be friends. Write back.”

Then tease her a lot… she’ll love it.

If that doesn’t work, then write me another 25 line sentence and I’ll see what I can do.


I am not tall and I am not short. I’m 5′ 7″ with an athletic build. Sometimes I see women whom I consider very attractive that are taller than me. From my past history I have noticed that MOST women do not want to date men shorter than themselves. In many cases women want to date men considerably taller than themselves, taller than I am.

Is there some strategy to getting past the height thing. I know confidence can conquer almost all but I have been turned away so many times by a taller woman that I don’t even try anymore. I am not attracted only to taller women, I just come across some, just like any other woman, I would like to get to know and possibly ask for a date.



This is a great question! Here are my thoughts…

I have a friend that is about 5’5, and he is ALWAYS surrounded by hot women… he even has a reputation as being the guy that always has ten hot women with him every time he’s out.

I am currently dating a woman that is taller than me (she’s the single most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life, and yes, she usually prefers taller men).

I also have another friend who’s about 5’6 or so that only dates models and women who look like models (and yes, they are often taller than him).

What’s the deal?

Here’s what I think you should do: Make it her problem instead of yours.

If I meet a tall woman that I think is attractive, I will immediately take the mindset “I don’t usually like women that are taller than me, but I’ll make an exception for this one.”

Then I figure out how to communicate this to her…

I might start talking to her, then say “Well, at first I wasn’t going to come over and talk to you because I don’t usually date women who are taller than me… but I’m glad that I talked to you, because you’re fun…”

YOU HAVE TO COMMUNICATE THAT YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S MAKING THE EXCEPTION! Or, if you want to really give her a hard time, you could make her laugh and have fun with her, then say “Well, it’s really too bad you’re so tall…” then give her a hard time and mention how if she were only a few inches shorter you’d ask her out…

Are you with me? Don’t imagine limitations for yourself, and don’t let her limitations be yours.

And if you’re reading this and saying “Well, this isn’t my problem”, realize that this can be used in ANY situation where you think that a woman has a certain “type” that she’s attracted to….

If it’s time that you got this area of your life handled, then these are the tools that will help you do it.


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